James Justin White III
  • Data Engineer & Web/Software Developer

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DePaul University, College of Computing and Digital Media
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Chicago, IL
March 2015


Experienced with:
Ruby, Go, Rails, Kafka, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, GKE, GCE, CloudSQL, BigTable, GCS, Stackdriver), StatsD, Elasticsearch, Docker, Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, Impala, Redis, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Tableau, Resque, Regex, Postfix, AWS (ECS, EKS, S3, EC2), Git, Working Remotely
Familiar with:
Java, Scala, Python, GCP (Dataflow, Pub/Sub), OpenTSDB, JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Ajax, Graphite, Highcharts, Nagios, Nginx, Logspout, Unicorn, Objective-C, C++, C#, ASP.NET


Programmer - Security, Infrastructure & Performance
  • Launched a new email service, HEY, building out backend features such as a data deletion system, email bouncing system, and a protected action system to increase customer account security
  • Built an automated account notification, cancellation, and deletion system into our internal billing app, responsible for cleaning up over 1.5 million inactive accounts across a dozen products
  • Built a new-device-sign-in notification system into our login platform, used by all products
  • Received an achievement award for my ownership and work on data infrastructure at Basecamp
September 2018 - July 2020
Data Engineer - Team Data
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of Basecamp’s entire Data Infrastructure platform, building ETL pipelines and data parsers, and working frequently with tools like Go, Ruby, Kafka, and Kubernetes
  • Lead the migration of the data infrastructure from on-premise hardware to Google Cloud Platform, modernizing technologies, and switching from custom code to open source projects where possible
  • Pioneered deployment of the central data platform Rails app to the cloud via Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Democratized “Big Data”, making data more transparent, accessible, and insightful for the entire company by introducing new systems of access and record like Kibana/Elasticsearch, BigQuery, and Grafana
October 2016 - September 2018
Programming Intern
  • Developed a search engine within Basecamp’s internal data dashboard to elevate operational data, making it easier to navigate, find data, and gain insights on application health and performance
  • Created internal tooling for Support and On Call to streamline common support scripts via a safe web UI
  • Overhauled the backend of a 13 year old internal billing application
Summer 2016
Young Men’s Educational Network – YMEN
Project Manager & Lead Developer Database Web Application
  • Collaborated with others to create a private cloud system to store client records and data using Ruby on Rails
  • Organized and participated in meetings with the client and other stakeholders
  • Deployed the first Ruby on Rails web application on DePaul’s web servers
Chicago, IL
Winter - Spring 2014
Digital Youth Network and Indiana University
Lead Developer Circuit Simulator Web Application
  • Created a teen friendly web application working for both organizations in conjunction
  • Developed an interactive, online circuit simulator to teach pre-teen girls how to create e-textile circuits
Chicago, IL
Winter 2014


DePaul University Silicon Valley Research Trip
  • Joined Professor Olayele Adelakun to research and study the Silicon Valley Information Technology Cluster and tech startup culture - Research Trip Class Page
  • Toured the headquarters of Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, eBay Now, Intel, Square Inc., Freewheel and Evernote
  • Met with executives, project managers and software engineers to gain a better perspective of the industry
Silicon Valley, CA
Summer 2013
The Starter League (Formerly Code Academy)
  • Learning skills at a code boot camp including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, and MySQL
  • Built business strength web applications, showcased them during ‘DemoDay’ to Chicago’s community
Chicago, IL
Summer 2012
National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills while experiencing the outback of Australia
  • Elected Leader of the Independent Student Group Expedition, leading four of my peers through the Outback for five days without instructors, received special recognition and letter of recommendation
Broome, Australia
Winter - Spring 2011


  • Certified Rescue Diver
  • Backpacking and Hiking Expeditions (especially in Yosemite National Park)
  • Photo Enthusiast