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Basecamp 829802db33bfb1365ae112ff2453aac33f213c6e4ce40931b0db4e29e2bb93d3

Basecamp: Dash

Contributed work on a private internal tool called Dash!

Anyfare f36224cb81f8df2a580b05cdedd887ce3b9418f1ff2977f127dd5fdef40a2493


Anyfare. Anywhere. We help you find last minute travel deals to popular destinations! Created in Ruby on Rails.


Stormly 212ef9938df4f1ad64443123ed3707b439f7032fe4416cc2ffc2daa32152e211

A beautiful and fun webapp made for storm lovers, by storm lovers. makes use of the API to present up to the minute weather!

16photos d6f8ebc80dc17e5f3f93f9828f7eb37fc3088201b451544cb7f4fcc26888224d


16photos is a simple website to create bite-sized photo albums to tell your stories. Created in Ruby on Rails


Beer 974f4df282f9969802fba3cf604f516df1ed2eda245b783d443a8fd0bba428d1

The Beer Store

An e-Commerce storefront to learn about and purchase craft beers. Built using ASP.NET and C#. (Currently offline)

Ymen b30b8a9c5820c223fa96b8a028db618c847f0225eeae702cd9c9229a7ed5690a

YMEN Database

Private cloud database for Youth Men's Education Network of Chicago (YMEN) to utilize. Provides cloud access to records for all staff to use. Created in Ruby on Rails.

Circuits 708d12d4e7a75d30123d1fe81ec327803ae27085077410049c4eab6cb606a669

Circuit Simulator

A teen friendly web application developed to teach girls how to create e-textile circuits. Created using GameMaker Studio and HTML5. (Broken in Chrome)

Stormios 43b9c24ad97e55719f9a11007be14a46a4216fc9517e90d9305c6f3f65a7d7e0

Where's the Storm? iOS

An iOS application based off of the Where's the Storm project, developed using many of iOS's core API functionality to improve the Where's the Storm experience.


Storm 3b1cbb8900a8023489d384e133768ea5025503affb1571c34f3f9389216e3029

Where's the Storm?

A weather forcasting webapp to show you where the nearest storm is. Currently shows the weekly weather. Lovingly crafted over a weeked in Ruby on Rails.

Game bf37d2305b59b94299f74fb4bf2246f3000f10b076e021796985750b4a47d6bd


An online database of all video game knowledge. Search to learn more about your favorite games. Uses the GiantBomb Game Databse API to retrieve game information.


Photocloud c1479f31177f00f70b8475275ff9531d1cad57d57a2d760aa041886043340dcc


Create group photo albums stored in the cloud to share with your friends. Created using Ruby on Rails. (Defunct)